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News: Most local funerals are going virtual

It’s one thing to grieve a loved one’s death. It’s another to grieve their death during a pandemic.

With the increasing spread of the coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised against domestic travel, preventing out-of-state families to join together for a funeral. Services are also being held in groups of 10 or less while 6 feet apart when togetherness is vital in times of loss.

Now funeral homes are tasked with figuring out how to follow guidelines suggested by the CDC while still honoring the life of the deceased.

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News: We are a Flag Disposal Site

Do you have a flag that’s seen better days?  There are right and wrong ways to dispose of them.  One correct (and free) way is to let us do it for you.  We have the honor of taking care of many Veterans here at Charlotte Memorial.  When a Veteran’s family chooses cremation, we ask the family if we can cremate a flag with that veteran.  Sometimes, actually several flags.  We are able to do this because our crematory is right here at the funeral home.  This means that once a loved one is taken into our care, they never leave our care.  So – bring us your flags.  They can be Old Glory, service branch flags, club flags – whatever.  If you are not able to get to us, give a call and we will send someone to you.  Just one more way we would like you to “Discover all the ways we can serve your family”.

News: Donate your old flags at museum for veteran cremations

"We started retiring flags at Charlotte Memorial about five years ago. We put up a couple signs in town and we were just overwhelmed; it was unbelievable the amount of flags people were bringing in. When the [Military Heritage] museum moved here, it just seemed a natural extension for the flag retirement program."

That's our own Rick Tuss talking about the great collaboration to help those in our community to retire flags. Thank you to Gary Butler at the Military Heritage Museum in Punta Gorda! Click here to read the article for all the information.

Memory Bear Event postponed, volunteers create masks

Twice a year, we host a Memory Bear workshop where volunteers help the families we serve sew a bear from the clothing of a loved one they've lost. We unfortunately had to cancel our March event, but our volunteers began sewing masks instead of bears.

We learned that while our volunteers had spent hours of time making masks, they needed some assistance determining who needed them beyond their neighbors. With the help of one of our funeral attendants, George Pence, who has volunteered his time, we decided to reach out to the Charlotte County Homeless Coalition. They are so grateful for our contribution to their staff's protection.

We also have delivered masks to our local post office, the Punta Gorda Police Department and Port Charlotte Hospice. We are so proud to help out our community and for all of the volunteers who donated their time and talents!

Memorial Day at Charlotte Memorial Gardens

Monday, May 31, 2021
10 AM

Please join us Monday, May 31, 2021 at 10 AM to honor our veterans. Charlotte Memorial Gardens will be hosting our annual flag ceremony. This year’s ceremony, which will be held at the entrance flag pole, will be led by the American Legion Post 103 honor guard. Our ceremony will include the raising of the American flag, taps and the folding of our retired American flag which was raised at last year’s ceremony.